Dr. Stein is one of the founders of the trauma profession in Israel. He has a reputation of about four decades in this field

Dr. Michael Stein was appointed to manage the trauma unit at Laniado Hospital. The trauma unit treats complex injury cases, which require very quick life-saving and multi-system treatments. Dr. Stein specialized at the world’s leading hospitals Mount Sinai and R. Adams Cowley (Baltimore). He is also a graduate of training in the field of trauma at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He served in the IDF for about 20 years, and in his last position was the head of the trauma branch He established the trauma center at Beilinson Hospital and headed it for many years. Dr. Stein is a member of the American Surgical Association and an instructor in the international ATLS course.
Dr. Stein was appointed to head the trauma unit at Laniado Hospital due to significant increase in trauma cases arriving at the hospital in the recent time, and the need to provide a professional and efficient response to these injuries. Dr. Stein will work in close cooperation with all the relevant departments in the hospital, such as the emergency medicine department and the surgical department, as well as with such external organizations as MDA, Rescue Union and others.
Professor Zvi Shimoni, the Medical Director of Laniado Hospital, congratulated Dr. Stein on joining the Laniado team and said: “In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of referrals for trauma injuries in result of car accidents, work accidents, criminal incidents, etc. The arrival of Dr. Stein, a very important figure in the field of trauma in the State of Israel, to Laniado Hospital is significant for the staff of the trauma unit, for teams of other departments and especially for about half a million residents of Netanya and Sharon. Managing of the trauma unit by Dr. Stein will allow us to upgrade the treatment offered in the trauma unit and to save lives”.

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