Corona Department

Recently we have witnessed a worldwide phenomenon with the outbreak of the terrible world pandemic, which also settled over the Land of Israel. Laniado Hospital has found itself at the forefront of this battle, because of its central location, unique service, warm attitude and the large population it serves- over 500,000 people from Kfar Saba to Hadera.

The medical center is staffed around the clock by a wonderful team who have dedicated their lives with devotion and efficiency to save others. This is equally present in all the other departments and following the outbreak of the Corona virus, the shifts of the doctors, nurses, auxiliary forces, cleaning and security staff have all been increased.

In recent months, we have been privileged to treat hundreds of Corona patients and many have been released back to their homes healthy with G-d’s help, after receiving dedicated treatment and in the hope that we will continue in this way with all of our patients.

It should be noted that the Sanz Medical Center – Laniado Hospital is at the top of the list of hospitals in Israel successfully battling the Corona virus. In addition, the hospital has been prepared for action in an unprecedented way in such a short period of time. Be it construction, renovation, the purchase of protective equipment and all for huge sums, all in order to prepare in the maximum and most effective way for the war against the Corona plague.

The numbers in the department:

Patients hospitalized
Of them serious
Of them on a respirator
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