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With the shortage of Nurses and the coronavirus pandemic it is a very important project and one.


At this time of year, we look to our supporters to help the students of our Tessler Academic School of Nursing to train and graduate as registered nurses with a B.S.N. degree, which is now required by the Israel Ministry of health.  In this programme we have 123 students enrolled in classes.


In addition we have 90 students are in a special programme for people who already have a BA degree. All of them are older women, many married with children, who are either dissatisfied with the profession they had trained for, or simply were unable to find work.  Many religious women, unfortunately, take courses in special education, social work etc., in which there are not enough jobs available.  Many of these women now feel that they want to work in a profession like nursing, that helps people and, which gives them a steady income, as well as great satisfaction.


I do hope you will give a scholarship to a student in our school. This will not only enable a student to graduate as a Registered Nurse and give her a career for life with a salary that will help her support her family, which at the same time will help the community and enable her to help heal the sick and save lives, but will also help alleviate the very serious nursing shortage in the hospital.


This past year, even more than ever, the need for nurses here in Israel, and in fact the world round was felt critically. The nurses are the front line in the fight against the coronavirus . and because of the huge number of patients hospitalized often had to work double shifts of 12 hours straight  or without a day off in the week.  Some even couldn’t turn up for work because they too had caught the COVID virus and needed to be off for extended periods of time, putting more strain on the other nurses and the entire system.


For our third year students who are required to work in the hospital as part of their practical course of study, it was practice they never thought that they would see so soon.


Most of the students in our School of Nursing require financial help to pay the tuition. The scholarships they receive, allow them to better concentrate on their studies. This is one of the reasons we have almost 100% rate of success in the graduating class to become registered nurses.


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