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Our story begins
somewhere in the European
steppes of World War II

The story of Laniado Hospital begins at Auschwitz extermination camp. During a march to Dachau concentration camp, the Rebbe of Sanz, Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Halberstam Ztzโ€l, was shot, and he vowed that if he survived the inferno, he would establish a medical center in the Land of Israel.

With the establishment of the State of Israel in the Land of Israel, the Rebbe aspired to fulfill his vow, choose life and establish a medical center.

Today, Laniado Hospital is
a mosaic of cultural diversity

Today, Laniado Hospital is a mosaic of cultural diversity

Today Laniado Hospital is a mosaic of cultural diversity and tolerance, our goal being to alleviate the suffering of patients from all parts of Israeli society. In our area, we serve a population of over 500,000 Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and of course many tourists who come to the region.

The Laniado Hospital serves as a medical treatment center for the entire region

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Laniado News
A peek at life-changing activities
A peek at life-changing activities

"Take care of all options to alleviate the pain and suffering of patients, improve their mood and psyche and it is also an important aid to their overcoming the disease and to their cure".

From the founding words of founder of the Laniado
written in 1975 and which formed the basis of the Patient's Rights Law enacted in the Knesset in 1996


We are pleased to announce that its new emergency ward has recently been opened. This 1200 square meters new department is equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies, and many private rooms to help reduce the risk of infections. Therefore, it is nowadays considered one of the largest and most advanced emergency departments in Israel. Also, this department accommodates a large space designated to host patientsโ€™ families as well, so patients will never feel alone.

Making this vision come true was not easy: It took us at the Laniado Development Fund more than 2 years to crowdfund the required sum, 22.5 million NIS. More than any other factor, what helped us make this vision possible was all the funds we received from donors and philanthropists from Israel and across the globe. These donations helped us to cater to high-quality emergency services.ย ย ย ย ย ย 

Now that the innovative and high-level emergency department is up and running, we have just begun raising funds for an even bigger and more challenging project – an entire building dedicated to emergency services. In light of the war, it is clear to us that Laniado Hospital must have a facility that can contain a massive amount of casualties simultaneously. This facility is set to be one of the largest in Israel as well, a 3-4 stories high building of state-of-the-art emergency services.

Of course, this emergency building is not only about size. We plan for it to be equipped with top technologies just like the new department. Also, in light of the rocket threat, it must also serve as a shelter that is safe from missiles. This project is set to cost about 120 million USD. But itโ€™s a necessity, not a luxury.

The many who have already opened their hearts to this highly important cause definitely give us hope that in a few years, the Laniado Hospital and the city of Netanya will have an emergency facility that will save many more lives.

Founding Principals - The Vision

The vision for the establishment of the hospital is found in the founding words of the late Rebbe of Sanz, who said: “Ensure every opportunity to alleviate the pain and suffering of the patients. Improve their mood and spirit. “

at the medical center has engraved on its banner the view of the Rebbe ztzkโ€l: A hospital will provide help to every person and it will be help that comes from the heart, not purely technical help. The hospital will work professionally without forgetting the most important aspects: kindness, a warm attitude, caring and empathy for the patient.

Founding Notes for Sanz Medical Center, Netanya
By The Rebbe of Sanz Klausenburg ztzkโ€l, Founder of the hospital
Founding Notes for Sanz Medical Center, Netanya By The Rebbe of Sanz Klausenburg ztzkโ€l, Founder of the hospital

The founding words were written in 1975 and formed the basis of the Law on Patient Rights, which was enacted in the Knesset in 1995

  • The hospital in Kiryat Sanz is a dedication for the benefit of those who need healing, to fulfill the Torah commandment as stated in Masechet Nedarim page 41 and in the Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah ืกื™ืžืŸ ืฉืœ”ื•.
  • The hospital will accept every man and woman regardless of religion and race, etc.
  • The hospital was founded on the basis of the belief in G-d Almighty who has carved out life for every living thing and who has in His hand the soul of every living thing. The doctors and medical staff should have a strong basis of faith especially in these principles, and all their conduct shall be in the spirit of faith in G-d and His holy teachings.
  • To take care in the hospital to keep all the commandments of the Torah according to the laws of the Shulchan Aruch and its rulings. To appoint an expert teacher to whom the questions relating to halacha will be addressed and his decision will oblige the entire staff of the hospital. In the laws of Shabbat they will ensure to act through the permission of making a statement to a non-Jew (to act on Shabbat), and to be particular in dress in line with the religion of Moshe.
  • Strive to find physicians and medical staff who will excel in their medical profession, and will also have good virtues, imbued with the love of Israel and the love of others as is written โ€˜ love your neighbor as yourselfโ€™.
  • Take every opportunity to alleviate the pain and suffering of the patients, improve their mood and psyche, and it is also an important aid to overcoming their illness and healing as explained in the Shulchan Aruch.
  • Be very careful in keeping the commandments between man and hia fellow man, be careful not to cause a burden, God forbid, on the hospital staff and anyone who comes in contact with the hospital. And of course be careful not to be late paying your employees.
  • The spirit that will prevail among the hospital staff – in contact with each other or with others – will be that of peace and tranquility, love and brotherhood.
  • To establish an institute for halakhic medical research, to solve, according to the Torah, medical problems whose solutions will be of benefit to those who keep the Torah and its Commandments.
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