Head Office:
Divrei Haim St, Kiryat Sanz, Netanya, Israel 4244916
Meir Mark
Executive Vice President, Development & Foreign Affairs
Israel & Latin america
Avydan Bader
Vice President Development

Osnat Pinkus
Community Relations & Donors

USA & Canada

New York & Baltimore
Head Office:
Laniado Development Fund
Emily Dauber
Illinois- ohio
Yehoshua Shochat
west coast
Head Office:
9052 Wilshire Blvd #301
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Chaim Sterenthal
Eli Knoller
Marsha Jaquays
Head Office:
534 Lawrence Ave W, Suite 217A
Toronto, ON M6A 1A2
Devorah Ohayon


Great Britain
Head Office:
Simon Silver
Michael Gilbert
Ostria- MOnaco
Sarah Stieglitz
France and francophone
Head Office:
Michel Lastreger

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