The imaging department at Laniado Hospital contains several units and dozens of employees in a variety of positions:




◀️ Angio – invasive radiology

◀️Mammography – breast imaging


The imaging department is active around the clock and provides diagnosis and treatment services to half a million residents of Netanya and the Sharon Region.

Dr. Achihud (Udi) Bendt was appointed to head the division. Dr. Bendt is a graduate of Tel Aviv University as part of the IDF medical reserve framework. He served in the past as a doctor for the Nahal Patrol and classified units in the Air Force. He is also a graduate of a specialization in diagnostic radiology and further training Clinical fellows in invasive radiology (angio) at Ichilov Hospital. Dr. Bendt performed a fellowship in the field of invasive oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He is one of the leading doctors in this field in Israel. Until recently, he served as the director of the invasive oncology service and the acting director of the invasive radiology unit at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva. Dr. Bendt is a partner in Angio Center Israel – the only and leading private group for radiology and invasive oncology in Israel, where he works in close cooperation with Dr. Alexander Belenki, who is considered one of the leaders in the field in Israel. Dr. Bendt has vast experience and interest in the various fields of radiology and oncology Invasive and especially in minimally invasive tumor treatments – tumor freezing, tumor cauterization and tumor treatment through catheterization, advanced and innovative treatments in the lymphatic system and the portal system.

Dr. Bendt’s vision is to promote a young generation of doctors and train them for treatment through advanced clinical procedures, as well as the use of innovative technology, alongside providing treatment to diverse population groups that do not easily reach the supercenters in the center of the country. Dr. Bendt intends to implement innovation in working procedures of the wing such as the use of robotics and artificial intellect. As part of his role as director of the department, Dr. Bendt will continue to perform procedures in the field of invasive radiology himself and will manage the invasive radiology unit at the hospital.

Mr. Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado Hospital, congratulated Dr. Bendt upon his assumption of office and said: “On your assumption of office, I would like to thank your predecessor, Dr. Zeev Feuchtwanger, who headed the department for decades. Now, with his retirement, you enter a position of critical significance for all patients and hospitalized patients. I have no doubt that your skills and abilities, along with the extensive experience acquired over the years, will have a significant impact on the continued progress of the department in the years to come, as a service, human and technological department with innovative characteristics”.

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