A son was born to Jonathan and Natalie Lulu-Shamriz. Yonatan is the older brother of the late Alon Shamriz, who was kidnapped on 7/10 and accidentally killed by the IDF soldiers.

Yonatan and Natalie Lulu-Shamriz, residents of Kfar Gaza who stay in Shfaim, arrived last week to give birth to their second son at Laniado Hospital. For the family, this is the first moment of light and hope since the events of 7/10, the kidnapping of Alon and his tragic death. “We hoped and prayed that Alon would be the godfather in the alliance. Unfortunately it will not happen, but we are sure that Alon will be in alliance with us in one way or another. We don’t stop thinking about him, even now. The grandparents – the parents of the late Alon – came to visit the sweet grandson and we saw the huge excitement on their faces”.

Natalie chose to give birth in the delivery room in Laniado Hospital, due to her desire to have a natural birth after a Caesarean section she had in the past. Dr. Matan Elami accompanied the couple with great sensitivity and allowed Natalie to fulfil her wish. The birth went smoothly and now, after two days of treatment for the premature baby, they are being released home. The Brit Milah, which is expected to be conducted by a doctor from Laniado Hospital, will be held on next Thursday, with the God’s help.

A particularly emotional closing of the circle was recorded during the treatment of the sweet little one in the premature babies unit, the sons of the nurse in charge of the premature babies unit, Mrs. Etti Litig, fought in Gaza village on 7/10 when they were thrown from their home directly into the line of fire.

“Our message to the people of Israel is that you must not lose hope, even in difficult situations, you must maintain hope and optimism, the people of Israel is alive!”

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We tell only happy things within the walls of the hospital.