children’s hospital donations are a thing that every charity fund or philanthropist should consider. These hospitals that require donations often do so in order to afford the opening of new children’s departments that aren’t being paid for by the clients.

children’s hospital donation in Laniado hospital

Laniado hospital had raised donations over the last few years via the Laniado development fund. The Laniado Development Fund “Sanz Medical Center – Laniado Hospital” in Netanya raises donations and resources for the development, promotion, renovation and construction of the medical center and to purchase life-saving medical equipment and instruments. The Fund initiates and works to promote and fulfill the goals, activities and objectives of the hospital in coordination and cooperation with the hospital management. Laniado Development Fund invests in the purchase of advanced equipment and advanced technologies to ensure the best care available. We also invest in building high-class facilities and patient-tailored design, which takes into account the quality of life of patients and their family members.

How can you help children by donating to the Laniado fund?

children’s hospital donations in the Laniado hospital is one of the core activities of the fund. with the fund that had been raised and being raised at the moment we are able to purchase new technologies that some children just can’t have under other circumstances, We’re talking about social and economical factors as well as humanitarian cases. We do not discriminate of giving preferred treatment to anyone based on outside factors besides the well being of the Children and the care that is necessary for them. One of the projects we’re proud of is the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah project, where with the help of other kids from all over the world we are able to help sick children celebrating their special day while providing everyone with important values.

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