An endometriosis clinic opens at Laniado Hospital ✅
The bottom line, without fancy words:
An endometriosis clinic opens at Laniado Hospital ✅
The news is:
Since diagnostics and treatment of endometriosis is super complex and complicated, the clinic will include as many professionals as possible and will perform accurate diagnostics, orderly follow-up and treatment for women with suspected or diagnosed endometriosis.
In numbers:
About 10% of the population of women of reproductive age suffer from endometriosis. Some are undiagnosed. 20-30% of patients suffering from the disease may suffer from a serious disease.
The need:
Lack of awareness of the disease and non-specific symptoms may cause a delay in the diagnostics. As a result, women suffering from the disease do not receive a response and are not treated optimally.
Early and correct diagnostics enables appropriate treatment and prevention of the disease complications.
The clinic will be headed by Dr. Serie Bolus, a senior gynecologist.✅
This is the disease awareness month, and we are happy that the opening of the clinic will bring an end to the suffering of many women. It will be real news for the residents of Netanya and the surrounding area, 😁💪🙏
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