A delegation of about 15 staff members from the two hospitals arrived today at Lanyado Hospital in order to sign the agreement. The delegation was headed by the presidents of the hospitals: Mr. Xu Daoling, President of NJPH Hospital, and Mr. Xu Keping, President of HFPH Hospital*

A strategic cooperation agreement was signed today between Laniado Hospital and two hospitals from Guangzhou Province in China. The two hospitals, NJPH and HFPH, provide services to about 20 million residents in Guangzhou Province. The Chinese delegation, which included the two presidents of the hospitals, as well as department managers and management personnel, was received by the management of Laniado Hospital headed by the CEO Mr. Nadav Chen, the medical director Prof. Zvi Shimoni, the director of the pelvic floor unit Prof. Mark Bargaval, the director of the surgical department Dr. Morris Ventorero, director of the gynecology and obstetrics department Dr. Yael Yakel and other department managers.

Prof. Bargabal, initiator of the strategic cooperation agreement, is a doctor with an international reputation in his field. He often visits China to share his extensive knowledge with colleagues in the fields of gynecology, surgery and more.

The cooperation agreement deals with a wide range of issues, including exchanges of clinical delegations, knowledge sharing in administrative and administrative fields, and more. The agreement was signed after Prof. Mark Bargaval promoted the cooperation, for the health and well-being of millions of Chinese citizens and for the health and well-being of about 500,000 residents of Netanya and the Sharon Area.



Laniado Hospital - our medical team
Laniado Hospital - our medical team

The distinguished delegation toured the birthing center and was very interested in clinical procedures among women and children, since the Chinese parliament is soon supposed to allow the birth of 3 children, currently the Chinese law does not allow this. The increase in the expected number of births led the Chinese Ministry of Health to the realization that there is an urgent need to establish clinical centers for the treatment of the pelvic floor – Prof. Bargabel’s area of expertise. Just recently, such a department was inaugurated at NJPH Hospital.

The tour of the maternity center (the obstetric emergency room and the delivery rooms) was led by the director of the department, Dr. Yael Yakel. The delegation also toured the new maternity ward, met staff members and was deeply impressed by the investment of the Laniado Hospital management in shielding the ward as well as in the most advanced equipment. The delegation also toured the surgical department, where a comprehensive discussion was held on the topic of cooperation between gynecologists and surgeons on pelvic floor problems.

The presidents of the Chinese hospitals Mr. Xu Daoling, President of NJPH Hospital, and Mr. Xu Keping, President of HFPH Hospital, presented the impressive clinical activity carried out in the hospitals and expressed great appreciation for the international clinical activity of Prof. Mark Bargabel.

Prof. Mark Bargabal, Director of the Pelvic Floor Unit at Laniado Hospital, said during the event:

“This is a collaboration that started in the field of the pelvic floor, but we believe that it will expand to other clinical disciplines. A delegation of a number of doctors from China has already spent an entire month undergoing training at Laniado Hospital.
This knowledge is very important for Chinese women, but Chinese men also need different pelvic floor treatments”.

Mr. Nadav Chen, CEO of Laniado Hospital, thanked the presidents of the hospitals for their arrival and for the agreement they signed and said: “It’s not every day that we sign an agreement for cooperation with hospitals that provide services to about 20 million people. The professional connections that Prof. Mark Bargaval developed with colleagues in China allowed us to reveal our extensive knowledge and experience in Laniado, especially in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, to hospital teams in China. We will continue to deepen and develop this cooperation, alongside other international collaborations”.

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Asaiel Shahaf, Laniado’s spokesperson


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