The CEO of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Moshe Bar Siman Tov, visited the Sanz Medical Center – Laniado Hospital this morning

The CEO received a comprehensive overview of the momentum of activity at the hospital, as well as a very wide range of operations being carried out since 7/10 in preparation for an emergency.

The CEO of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Moshe Bar Siman Tov, arrived today with his team for a tour of the Sanz Medical Center – Laniado Hospital. He was welcomed by the hospital’s management: CEO Mr. Nadav Chen, Medical Director Prof. Zvi Shimoni, Head Nurse Ms. Shamrit Roni, Human Resources Director Mr. Meir Belaz, and Accountant Mr. Itzik Weiss.

The CEO of the Ministry of Health was presented with an overview of the momentum of activity carried out in recent years at the hospital, with an emphasis on a very wide range of operations carried out as emergency preparedness, starting from 7/10 until today. The Ministry of Health’s CEO was also presented with the vision of the Laniado management for the coming years – construction of a protected emergency medicine department.

The CEO toured the protected delivery rooms and the protected premature babies’ unit, the emergency medicine department and the new intensive care department that was inaugurated about three months ago – he met patients and staff members.

A special period of time was dedicated to a tour of the protected complex, which is equipped these days as a response to an emergency, and will contain 50 hospital beds. The complex is undergoing an extensive renovation that includes the preparation of medical gas infrastructure, electricity and more. The work on the preparation of the complex is expected to be completed soon, thereby significantly increasing the ability to maintain functional continuity, in emergency situations.

Mr. Nadav Chen, CEO of Sanz Medical Center – Laniado Hospital, said during the tour: “We are not saving money, even if we currently have a partial budget. We will do everything possible to create a maximum of protected areas here, at the same time as promoting a strategic plan to build the Protected Emergency Medicine Department”.

The CEO of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Moshe Bar Siman Tov, summarized the tour and said: “The hospital has completed a very successful recovery program. You are showing growth in all areas of activity. Your preparation for escalation on the northern front is impressive. We will make every effort to assist you”.

Credit: Laniado spokespeople

Asahel Shakhaf, Laniado’s spokesman

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